Sadashivgad Fort resort


The fort was named Sadashivgad by Basavlingraj after his father Sadashivlingraj in 1715. They were chieftains of Sonda who assumed the title of ‘Raja’ after incorporating Chittakula, Simveshwar (Angadi), Kadra, Kadwad, Ankola and some other parts of Canara.

Maratha Influence
Having marched from Bednore in the south, visiting on his way the sacred temple at Gokarna, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj  seized Ankola and the next day came to Karwar. Both the East Indai Company and Sher Shah, the sardar of Bijapur, were very much alarmed at this sudden development. They collected huge amount and offering it to Shivaji, prayed that they may be spared. Satisfied at the recognition of his authority, Shivaji crossed the Kali River and conquered Sadashivgad on 21st Feb 1665


The different three blocks each with 4 Rooms each, on top of the hillock having good view of the beach.

Water Scooter
Dolphin Watch
Nature Walk
Fisherman Village Visit
Banana Boat Ride

Accommodation Type1st Jan 2018From 1st Sep 2018

Day One

 12.30 Noon


01:.30 PM


04.00 PM


04:30 PM

Time on the beach 

07:30 PM


08:30 PM



Day Two

 06.00 AM

Wake-up call,Coffee/Tea

06:.30 AM

Nature walk / Bird Watching

07:30 AM


11:00 AM

If you must leave, we look forward to your next visit to prolong your love affair with the Arabian Sea. ?Parasailing, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Water Scooter, Banana Boat, Speed Boat and other adventure sports are subject to weather conditions and are offered at extra cost.

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